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“Can we swing by your place in an hour with buyers?”

When the team here at Kinsella Estates are arranging viewings at our client’s homes, we generally try to give  at least 24 hours notice.  This is standard practice across the industry but sometimes, the right potential buyer comes along but is only in town for the day.  We know it’s not ideal but it’s better to rally – even when it’s inconvenient – and not let the opportunity pass.

This is increasingly the case when buyers are flying into Ireland for a few short days of house-hunting or taking an impromptu inspection trip of the area and come across our ‘For Sale’ boards – yes, even in this digital era, these boards are important and still effective.

So, sometimes, we need to make that call to a seller, even though we know it’s probably not convenient, to say “can we swing by your place in an hour with buyers?”  But here’s the thing, this is usually a good thing.  We only do this for cash or mortgage-ready buyers who have already looked at your home online and like what they see.  We promise!

We know your home is (usually) lived in and that means all the signs of being lived in; cooking, visiting family members, kids toys, dog hair (even though you swear they are outdoor pets…) and more.  It’s okay.  But we do understand that you want to showcase your home at its best so here are some last-minute, quick fixes to welcome potential buyers:

  • Do a quick scout of the whole house, room by room, so you can open windows and remove dirty washing, glasses etc as you move through the house.
  • Then focus on the important rooms first; entrance hallway, kitchen and master bedroom
  • If you’ve been cooking, make sure that no odours linger – even if it tasted good, it’s not likely to entice people after the fact. Of course, if you’ve been baking, then lingering is just fine – so are samples.
  • Speaking about smells, one simple trick we discovered years ago is that tumble dryer sheets are wonderfully effective to line bins all around the house – fresh but not over-powering.
  • Make sure the bathrooms are clean and clutter-free, with fresh towels and a scented candle lighting.
  • Since the windows are open for fresh air, be sure to turn on heating if necessary (we don’t endorse energy waste so just this once!).
  • If it’s a dull day, have the lights on in each room to welcome the viewers.
  • Do a quick sweep of kitchen surfaces to get rid of paperwork and unnecessary clutter.
  • If you have time, pop out to the garden and pick a few flowers for the entrance hall.
  • Finally, and this really should have been first – enlist the help of anyone to hand, delegation is the key.


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