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How Important is Property Staging?

Keep it neutral with a splash of colour


The term ‘staging’ can be quite off-putting for many property sellers, for one thing, it sounds expensive, doesn’t it? However, preparing a property for sale, whether it is your own home or an investment property, is crucial.  We all know that first impressions count and nowhere is this more evident than in house-hunting. The photographs of your property are important to attract prospective buyers to visit and inspect your home.  Once there, they will see all the benefits of space, location and value; but in order to get buyers into negotiations, you must first get them into your property!

Experienced sellers know that staging is an investment and one that will generally yield a return far in excess of the money spent.  The good news for inexperienced sellers is that staging a home for sale isn’t the most complicated of things to do.  Certainly, it requires some effort and commitment before you consider popping your home onto the ever-growing competitive property market; however, as the team here at Kinsella Estates are experienced in everything property-related, we have devised an easy to follow guide on how to prepare your home for selling.  Our job is to offer you the best information and to  make the whole process as painless as possible.


Our top  tips on staging your home for sale:


Get inspired by the best

Before you start, start flicking through Irish interiors magazines (Image Interiors is our favourite) and look online at featured properties for sale, paying close attention to their appearance and how they are marketed. It will give you an insight into what translates well on camera and where enhancements can be made.


Unfortunately for many, de-cluttering is a vital process in preparing for staging your home to potential buyers. Now, is the time to eliminate items you don’t need and consider hiring a skip for excess rubbish or damaged goods that you may have accumulated over the years. Viewers must access every part of the house to get a proper feel for the home they hope to buy, finding your odd bits and bobs everywhere will likely impact their opinion and lose you a sale!

Deep clean

Cleaning is most important and every part of your home should be spick and span. Skirting boards, counters, doors, walls and bathrooms must be beautifully presented. Remove limescale, mould or mildew and don’t forget to get rid of any pesky cobwebs. Tidy up and view each room as someone hoping to buy, and don’t forget to clean the fridge though it probably won’t be opened, it is imperative that you cover all ground.


Fix minor repairs

Minor issues may seem ‘minor’ to you but to a potential buyer they may observe a cracked tile or a broken counter top and conclude that the home owner doesn’t care and if he/she doesn’t care what other damages are lurking around the home? Fix chipped woodwork, repair cracked plaster and replace anything that is beyond repair.


Wash windows and freshen up the paint outside

The windows should be pristine and don’t forget to clean the window-ledges too. The windows are a major part of a home and buyers will look outside or inside to view the garden surrounding the home. A dirty window will blur their first impression, and this isn’t ideal at all. If possible, freshen up the paint outside and make sure all doors are well-maintained and inviting.


Look at the garden

The first thing your potential buyer is going to see is your garden and driveway. The garden should be well-kept and tidy. Remove any old furniture or children’s toys and create space so a viewer can imagine their own vision of the future. Footpaths should be power-washed and, if you have any patio or decking ensure, it is clean and not hazardous. Depending upon the time of year, you can place flowers or plants around.  Hanging baskets with flowers are a lovely way to frame the front door with their beautiful array of colours. Garden ornaments are great in moderation, be careful to not overdo it and again make sure they are clean.


Have a test run

Not sure about the house and how it is looking? Ask a family member or a friend to pop over to your home and view it as a potential buyer. Remind them that you expect an honest opinion and would be grateful for their advice. Let them have full run of your home and allow them to examine the premises in a clinical way, this will pinpoint any issues or problems that need reviewing. Then, you can restore and mend in a timely manner before you bring your property to the market.


Finally, I should point out that for the full ‘staging’ experience, you can rent a room or house-load of furnishings or just the accessories to instantly update the look of any property.  One of the most common interior design tips for homes on the market is to keep it neutral, but please so feel free add a splash of colour.  If your home decor is currently on the darker side, you can still brighten it up with a tonal colour as seen in the image below.  As always, the team at Kinsella Estates are here to help and advise you at every step of the way.


If you are considering selling in the South Wicklow and North Wexford areas, call into one of our offices (located in Carnew and Gorey) and chat to any of our expert team or you can contact us online at We are happy to facilitate overseas buyers and sellers via Skype or similar, outside of regular office hours.

Alternatively, email me directly on or telephone : +353 53 94 21718


Even darker interiors can be brightened up with minimal pops of colour
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