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How new residents can settle into established neighbourhoods


When you have bought a home in an established neighbourhood, it can take time for you and your family to settle in and navigate the neighbourly dynamics. Most estates have many options and are welcoming to new residents in the area, however, the onus is always on you to establish yourself into an estate and to its neighbours.

When you move into a new home it can be difficult to settle into unfamiliar surroundings and there are new neighbours to get to know too! If you are coming into a whole new location it may mean getting to know a new town or city. This is usually incredibly exciting but can be stressful or slightly intimidating too.


Here are some tips on settling in once you have made the BIG MOVE:


Introduce yourself


In most cases you will accidently meet new neighbours as the old welcoming committee usually displayed on TV shows is not entirely accurate depending on where you are living. It may take time but once you are given an opportunity to speak to a neighbour use the time wisely and ask questions about the area. Your new neighbours may be able to give you some tips and advice about the estate. If you are struggling to see your neighbours be proactive and sit outside the front on summer days. Let your kids out to play on the green as children are more sociable and once they are playing it gives you a good chance to meet parents too. If you don’t fancy sitting outside the front do some gardening out the back to meet your next-door neighbour, paint the fence or clean the weeds away.


Be ready


This may sound like hard work but be ready to meet people and have coffee in the cupboard (even if you don’t drink it). Have a reserve of biscuits and for the kiddies have a freezer full of ice pops or drinks to pass on to your child’s new pals. Strike up conversations on things you are finding hard as these people will know everything about the houses and the people who live in them.


Ask about residents’ meetings


You may or may not want to get involved but asking about it will at least make you aware of proceedings. It is up to you if you are willing to undertake a major role and such roles may already be allocated and settled. You certainly don’t want to upset the grapevine by pushing for a role. So, ease yourself in gently by attending meetings as a spectator and use this as an opportunity to get to know people you live in proximity with.


Get involved in community events


There are so many things to do in the wider community and while it may not settle you into your new neighbourhood it will give you an opportunity to get to know the town residents. Go to the bake sales, volunteer at events and if you have kiddies get them into clubs or groups asap so they can get integrated into their new community.


Mind yourself and your kids


Moving is a difficult time so keep to your usual routine and pay attention to your kids. Some children settle faster than others and some kids may need some encouragement in making friends. You may need to walk them to the green or take numerous trips to the park. Have fun and encourage them to make friends by getting them into school once they move and involving them in local events. Bring your child to the library which is a haven for kids and parents alike. There you may get some information on community events and use online groups to ask about the area and look for people who wouldn’t mind having playdates.


Have a little party


It may seem like the last thing you want to do but if you are new to an area a party is a good way to get to know people. Invite your neighbours by dropping an invite in or by knocking on doors. Accept some won’t bother dropping in and accept that some neighbours will never be pals, but you should be able to pass yourself with them too.

Good luck!


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