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Low Cost Home Staging Tips for High Impact

Keep it simple, fresh and clutter-free with a hint of nature!

Presenting, also known as ‘staging’ your home, is one of the most important elements of marketing your home to prospective buyers and, while it may be simple enough to do prior to the photo stage, it needs to remain well staged throughout the viewing process – which can be challenging given the demands of everyday life!

However, for some vendors it is difficult to stage their home, within their allowed budget and many will struggle to find common ground. The obvious goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible, so staging is vital, but it can be done on a low budget and here we have gathered some budget friendly ideas so that vendors can achieve the highest possible price for their property.


  1. Simple things


Firstly, remember you are selling a house (or apartment), not a home, so that new buyers can buy a house and then turn it into a home that is just right for them.

Potential buyers need to see a blank canvas, so they can imagine where their own personal items will fit in and this simply means taking your personal ‘stuff’ out. It is free to do but somewhat time consuming however, the results are incredible. Remove photos, memory trinkets and if you have shelves full of Egyptian merchandise take them down. You may love these but not everyone will, and these items may affect the perception of the house. Like it or not, some viewers will have a snoop around and nowhere is going to escape beady eyes, ensure closets and wardrobes are at least a third empty. Everyone wants plentiful storage in their home so this enhances the perception of space and order more than clutter  possibly could.

Most homes will have some wear and tear, which can stand out to buyers if you do not remedy it prior to viewings. Go through every room extensively and ask a friend to join you on your list of things to do, this way you won’t miss anything. Make a list of broken things that can be repaired easily and then get to work!

You will need to deep clean the property yourself or engage a professional cleaning company.  While it is generally worth the investment, if you are on a tight budget, it is one expense you could manage without. Have carpets cleaned, floors shining, and mirrors and chrome works should glisten throughout your property. This is basically getting the right cleaning products and shining everything up to a high calibre for that ‘wow factor’.


  1. A little goes a long way


A shiny new number sign and post box costs a small amount, but it will help to add appeal to your home. Remember, the first impression is vital and having the front of your garden in peak shape is crucial. Prune hedging so it is neat and ensure the lawn is cut and remove weeds from the driveway. Ensure the windowsills are clean and of course, the windows themselves. For gardening enthusiasts add a few shrubs and flowers but, if you are not green-fingered, a few hanging baskets with flowers will suffice along with adequate lighting for evening appointments.

Your dog may be a special part of your family but not everyone loves a bouncing pup running around or the smell he leaves behind. Invest in some good air fresheners, remove the dogs bed from the viewing area and deep clean it, leaving no sign of dog activity.

If your bathroom is a bit tired looking, re-grouting costs very little and will lift a bathroom instantly. Along with some new bathroom accessories and fluffy towels.  Don’t forget to ensure the toilet and sinks are pristine.


  1. Be creative


Lighting helps to create an ambience within your property and it shouldn’t be under-estimated in its appealing powers to prospective buyers. Dark spaces should be lit with lots of soft tone lighting and adding a mirror can bring more light to a dim room.

Furnishings are vital in preventing your interior from looking bare and if you mix and match furnishings, fabrics and colours the overall effect can be incredible. For example, mismatched cushions and throws can contrast well but remember, minimalistic is key as overcrowding will cause confusion to viewers. Keep it simple, basic and tidy.

If you have some paint, consider painting your kitchen cabinets a different colour from the walls if the kitchen needs to be brightened up. This will look visually more stunning to the eye and it freshens the whole area up significantly. No room in your home should be completely white as it will look too clinical and bland.

Add natural features in your interior decorating to make your home warm and alluring.  Depending on your location you can add features like plants, wood and flowers for countryside homes or improve seaside town homes with elements of the sea including shells, rocks and blue ascents.

It’s might be a cliché but it always helps to have a beautiful aroma in the home, which can be achieved by baking cookies, or simply burning cinnamon sticks or brewing coffee prior to viewings. Candles too help to create a wonderful natural scent in a property. Furthermore, have the fire lit in the sitting room if possible or place a nice scented candle in the fireplace. It is a high impact effect without costing too much.


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