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Moving Homes:  The best bits!


Even when people are excited about moving, irrespective of whether they are first-time buyers or  habitual home movers, the practicalities of shifting your life from one place to another can often feel like a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task.  It is a day, week or month to be endured rather than enjoyed. But it doesn’t have to be…


Put aside the mental and physical exhaustion and the frustration of not remembering which box is the ‘needed on the day’ box for just a moment;  let the children/pets/spouse/overly-attached parents self-soothe for the next few minutes and allow yourself think about all the benefits, like:


  1. You can use the opportunity to connect with your inner Marie Kondo and carry out the mother of all de-cluttering. Hold everything you own in your hands, if it doesn’t bring you or your family joy, get rid of it.


  1. Think of this as a fresh start, an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Are you ready to start getting practical and hands on with the DIY or, perhaps, are you finally ready to pass on that neglected surfboard from the shed to the next generation (it’s been almost two decades, accept that it’s never going to happen and move on!)?


  1. Change always has the potential to be exciting. It really doesn’t matter whether you are moving to a new country, a new city or just to a new street a few minutes away – every new location means a new experience for you and your family to enjoy.


  1. You get to find new favourite places, like a park walk, or fruit market, or coffee shop that always smells of home baking. In fact, this might take some research so make time to enjoy trying new places, dishes and delights.


  1. Get ready to widen your circle of friends as you get to meet your new neighbours and local business owners. Making friends can be more difficult as we get older and moving home is a great excuse to be just a little bit forward and knock on a few doors.


So, you see, there are many things to start getting excited about as moving day approaches.  Let us know what you would add to the list above.


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