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Tips for Sellers in 2016

It is always difficult to second-guess the property market, timing is important but when you are thinking of selling your home, timing becomes as much about you and your family, as it does about current market conditions.

As estate agents, we appreciate that a lot of thought and preparation goes into making the decision to sell.

For that reason, here at Kinsella Estates, we are happy to speak to would-be sellers on a no-obligation basis, to help them objectively assess whether selling is the right thing for them and, if so, whether now is the right time given current market conditions i.e. local demand, house-price trends and likely competing properties.

Please keep in mind that every home is different and every seller has a unique set of circumstances so the following tips are entirely objective and are provided purely for information purposes:

  1. Be clear about your decision to sell and work with an estate agent to whom you can talk and whom you can trust to really listen.
  2. Have your home valued and really take on board the estate agent’s advice about strategic pricing, in a crowded marketplace, the right entry price is crucial. Do not be tempted to ‘test the waters’ with a high price as, even if you later reduce your asking price, you are unlikely to attract back any potential buyers lost.
  3. This point holds true for presentation too. Start strong to give your property the best chance of attracting a buyer. If a lick of paint and a garden clear-out is needed, do it prior to coming to market.
  4. De-clutter like your sale depends upon it, as it just might! The rule of thumb here is to start removing trinkets lying around until your family starts to notice. Even if you cannot bear to start parting with keepsakes, you can think of this as the start of your packing and moving process.
  5. Be flexible and accommodating when it comes to accepting viewings. The viewing might not lead to an offer, but failing to accommodate a ready viewer will always block any offers that might have come.
  6. During viewings, have the property and surrounds looking its best then vacate your home (as owners tend to make viewers feel uncomfortable until they leave!).
  7. Understand that buyers rarely view or even shortlist just one property for negotiation so, be patient. Speaking of patience, buyers can be very slow to make offers if they know that they are the only party currently interested. Patience is the ultimate virtue of the seller but it’s okay to be patiently impatient!
  8. If, after a few months, no offers are coming forward, it might be time to re-assess things like price and/or presentation – be open to this. Update online listings, arrange to have the ‘for sale’ cleaned or replaced if weather-damaged and upload some fresh photos.
  9. While we appreciate that it can difficult, you must not take low offers personally and react in anger. These are not a reflection on you, nor are they necessarily a reflection on your home, but rather a reflection on the buyer and market conditions. Remember, the market speaks more loudly than any marketing or media hype.
  10. This is a necessary, though often uncomfortable stage. Be prepared for that and just keep focused on your next move. Though possibly uncomfortable, this is also the exciting step to moving on.

For specific queries or to speak with a local property expert about your buying and selling needs in Wexford, Wicklow and surrounding areas, contact Michael, Alan or Eileen Kinsella at

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