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Tips on a better work, home and life balance

There has never been a more important time for people to be mindful of their home, life and work balance. Once you buy a home or even when you are planning to buy your new home you may find working hard is part and parcel of achieving your goal of home ownership. This is perfectly understandable but there must be a good balance to ensure you don’t burn yourself out. Here are some tips on keeping the balance healthy:

Manage your time

It sounds easier than it is but learning how to manage your time is important for future time management success. The jobs that you put off usually, do them now! Instead of spending hours mulling over one piece of work, time yourself and be decisive with your time so you can get more done. Look at distractions and stop your current bad habits. If you go for a coffee mid-morning and stop to chat, perhaps change your ways and say a quick hello. Usually, falling behind earlier in the day makes you under more pressure and then you might have to bring work home with you which isn’t ideal. 

Prioritise yourself 

It sounds selfish but it isn’t as you need to put yourself first sometimes. Buying a home is stressful and in the first few months of homeownership you may be getting your budget together and figuring out how to best pay the bills and manage finances. None of this means forgetting yourself by overworking and causing harm to your body and mental health. Take time to go for a walk each day or if you like, visit the gym. It gives you a break from work and freshens you up for enjoying your home life too. 

Stick to work hours and use apps to manage tasks

Work hours should be exactly that and you must clock off to allow yourself time to refuel and energise yourself. Regardless of whether you are self-employed or an employee sticking to work hours is key. Furthermore, look at your work space and make sure it is suitable for what you need and there are many apps available to manage your busy lifestyle and they will help you finish tasks in a timely manner. 

Turn notifications off

It is simple to do and stops you getting distracted with numerous social media or email notifications. Of course, it isn’t possible to do this all the time but in the evening, you should try and turn them off and read a book, watch Netflix or spend time with your partner/family. The constant temptation of online stuff can add up to a lot of time and while some social media is ok, too much leaves people feeling tired. 

Keep track of your budget

Home owners know that budgeting and watching how you spend your money in the first few months of homeownership is key. That’s not to say you can’t have fun as it is good to unwind. The stress of money is huge and with many apps (offering money tracking) you can budget while on the move for a clear and concise report on your spending. For a happy work and life balance having your financials in order is vital. 

Good luck!

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