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Tips for summertime property sellers

Don’t you just love when summer arrives right at the moment it’s due?

It’s certainly a rarity in Ireland – although here in Ireland’s sunny South East we can boast the most hours of sunshine per year compared with any other part of the country.  That is probably why sales transactions soar in summertime.  In fact, in last weekend’s Sunday Business Post newspaper, a report on commuter counties placed both Wicklow and Wexford high on the list of buyers’ destinations, with recorded increases of 17% and 13% respectively.  Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford have all seen reductions in demand over the last 12 months.  This makes for an interesting time in South Wicklow and Wexford county right now as demand increases by supply has yet to catch up.  House-hunters, especially those looking for family homes will need to widen their search areas/criteria and be prepared to engage in competitive bidding.

The real opportunity exists for sellers of second-hand homes and those thinking about bringing a residential property to the market over the next few weeks and months.

For existing sellers who are waiting for the right buyer to come along, it might be worth going through the tips below and freshening up their homes and perhaps update the property listing and photos online.

Tips for summertime property sellers:

  1. The notion of ‘kerb appeal’ is a cliché but that doesn’t make it any less relevant. The initial impression that your home creates as a potential buyer pulls up is difficult to change so it’s important that the impression is the best one possible.   This applies to the photos that appear online also.  They should be clear, bright and clear of clutter.


  1. As a rural estate agency, we understand the importance of giving good, clear directions to your home. Eircode has not been hugely successful but marking properties on a digital map makes it easy for house-hunters to use GPS when arriving for a first viewing. That’s our job.  As the seller, it’s your job to ensure that if your property has a house name or number, that it is clearly marked.  If would-be buyers get lost trying to find your property, by the time they arrive, late, they will be too stressed and frustrated to fully appreciate the presentation of your home.


  1. The front door should be thoroughly cleaned or freshly painted and clear of dust and cobwebs. Choose the colour well, be sure to reflect the tone of your home for example, yellow for youthfulness, blue for calm and red for a warm welcome!  If possible, the entire front of the house should be freshened up but we understand that this is not always possible.


  1. Following on from the point above, if resources are limited, allocate them wisely; concentrate on the areas that will have the most impact. For example, wash the windows and scrub or repaint window frames.


  1. Tidy the front garden, sweep pathways, trim hedges and pull weeds. If flowers are not an option, invest in a few well thought out planters to add colour and to create an abundant feel.  Put wheelie bins away, out of sight if possible.


  1. Treat your entrance like a room of its own with a good design, clutter-free, and with some light furnishing or focal piece – like a hall table with flowers (and nothing else!).


  1. Once inside, continue the fresh, clutter-free theme and remove unnecessary, bulky furnishings. In fact, this might be the right time to start preparing for your impending move.

Here at Kinsella Estates, we offer a free sales appraisal and with this, we offer key suggestions about how to best present your property to suit the type of buyer your home is likely to attract.  Contact us directly to discuss your home and to arrange an appraisal.

For specific queries or to speak with a local property expert about your buying and selling needs in Wexford, Wicklow and surrounding areas, contact Michael, Alan or Eileen Kinsella at

Email me directly on or telephone : +353 53 94 21718                  

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